Accordian Shutters are available at J & J Shutters.

Accordion Shutters

Regency Accordions have a unique, interlocking folding blade system, designed to cover large spans and fold away for a unobstructed view. These blades are connected to each other vertically, and to the system at the top by a set of nylon wheels. The wheels on top and the nylon guide at the bottom allows the folding blades to travel effortlessly when operated by hand.

Benefits of the Regency Accordion Shutter, is that the Regency provides a simple but highly effective means of storm protection. It also has a standard key-lock feature to meet your security needs.

Roll Up Shutter are available at J & J Shutters.

Roll-Up Shutters

Roll-Up Shutters are a precision engineered product using the finest materials available for strength, durability, and ease of maintenance. They provide protection in a variety of applications. They can be installed anytime, including during construction. New home construction can incorporate shutters into the walls and makes the shutters virtually invisible.

The Roll-Up, provides the ultimate in comfort, privacy, storm protection, and security for your home or condominium. Adjustable to any position, the shutter can be rolled down for complete protection, rolled up out of sight, or adjusted to anywhere in between for the ultimate in environmental control.

Storm Panels

Storm Panels

The overlapping installation of 0.050 storm panels gives you a rigid deterrent which blocks driving winds, rain, and flying debris. This unique design requires minimal storage space, easily stored in garages, closets, and under beds.

Evidence from previous hurricanes has shown that plywood boards used for last minute protection became flying missiles as they tore away creating added hazard. Broken windows exposed homes to internal pressurization from hurricane force winds causing roofs to explode and walls to collapse. Storm panels are Miami-Dade County approved.

The Clear Polycarbonate Storm Panel gives you all the advantages of the aluminum storm panels. These panels can be combined with your aluminum panels for maximum security allowing natural light into your home during a storm. This will reduce reliance on candles, flashlights, or generators if power outages occur.

Bahama Shutters are available at J & J Shutters.

Bahama Shutters

The Bahama Shutter consists of a quality awning type moveable panel section which is one major component. It is connected to the structure at the top by a pivoting stainless steel hinge. This hinge allows the Bahama panel section to be adjusted to several positions. It can also be locked securely in place by adjustable aluminum arms which are attached to the panel and to the structure. The combination of the quality hinge and locking adjustable arms allow the added advantage to close the panel for storm protection.

The Bahama Shutter, offered in a array of colors, provides quality storm protection. The Bahama Shutter allows free flow ventilation and is constructed of extruded aluminum components which are perfect for withstanding the ever-changing weather conditions. With a powder coat finish, you can protect, beautify, and secure your home with an easy locking design.

Colonial Shutter are available at J & J Shutters.

Colonial Shutters

The Colonial Shutters simplified design of gliding panels extend to provide effective security protection and instant relief from the weather. They can be retracted for an unobstructed view. The Colonial Shutters stack evenly to each side, giving the ability to match any exterior décor.


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